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You Are the Advocate

By August 4, 2017Inspiration

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why ME“?? I have. I want you to stop thinking why and embrace the journey. This may seem strange to some of you however its the best way to combat the emotions of fear, doubt, despair and loneliness that arise when you entertain the thoughts of Why Me! The longer you ponder on “Why ME” and not focus on the lesson, the victory, the blessing, you miss the opportunity.

The opportunity is in your mouth. You are a valuable asset once you recognize what you possess. I admonish you to take action against the circumstance, the relationship or whatever has attempted to hinder you from reaching the opportunity. From this day forward become The Advocate for your destiny. No one can tell your story like you, no one can reach those people waiting to hear from you but YOU. We all have an audience and yours is waiting.

With that being said, I want you to

  1. Tell Your Story
  • No longer be complacent
  • dont compare your gifts and talents to others

2. Give Yourself Permission to be Free ( what it looks like to be free)

  • peace
  • honesty
  • authentic
  • endurance

To walk in freedom is to be content with who you are and where you are, as you pursue your purpose. You begin to master the skills necessary to be accountable for your behaviors as well as  responsible for your destiny. You no longer allow circumstances, relationships, the environment or anything to control you emotionally but you choose to LIVE.

3. Be Confident

Understand that its part of the journey to make mistakes. Understand its part of the journey to fail but its never an option to stop the pursuit of your purpose. As many people that have caused you pain, agony, rejection you must channel into that emotion and use it as your weapon. The weapon is in your Voice….Use IT!!!

Be empowered women to unveil the mask of all insecurities, barriers and hindrances that will block you from true happiness and mindfulness internally opposed to the external attributes.


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