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Give yourself permission to be Free.

Give yourself permission to walk authentically in your your God given assignment. We tend to hold on to those emotions of fear, regret, shame, embarrassment, anger and miss the opportunity to live a life of abundance. An abundant life is far from designer apparel, designer handbags and jewelry, what car you drive but simply being happy internally.  God has given us the power and authority to live life and live it more abundantly (John 10:10). However we must release the emotional barriers that hinder us from moving forward.

How to Release

1. Affirm Who You Are

Speak positive affirmations daily into your life and create a space of peace. Speak things into existence: I will be prosperous, I will be in good health, I shall live !!

2. Forgive

When we dont forgive those who have offended us, caused us pain, hurt and rejection we allow them to control our lives. I admonish you to take control back over your life today by releasing the emotion of resentment, and bitterness. Forgiveness is about acknowledging what transpired and accepting it. We cant change what happened but we can control how it effects our lives. Therefore, you must forgive others and yourself. Ask yourself what have I gained from holding on to the pain? What opportunities have I missed out on?

3. Pray

Continue to pray to God and ask him to heal you from all brokenness. We have to keep him first in our lives in order to grow and mature.

Be empowered women to unveil the mask of all insecurities, barriers and hindrances that will block you from true happiness and mindfulness internally opposed to the external attributes.

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