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Intentional Behavior

By December 29, 2016Inspiration

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Our perceptions on loneliness is having  companionship, a social life, increased followers, but what about a rapport with God first.

There comes a time when we all need to self-reflect, gain clarity on our lives. The only way to accomplish this is to be still. Were so consumed with what’s happening around us that we tend to get loss and lose sight of our end goal. The goals we set out in 2016 are still just goals because we’ve allowed ourselves to lose sight of the vision.

God is relentless, he tells us in Psalms 23:2, 3 he will lead and guide us. If we acknowledge him in all our ways he will direct our path (Prov.3:6). It’s prevalent to me that we tend to feel as though being alone is a bad situation .It’s not always a bad decision; this can be the very pursuit to your happiness and blessings in life. Job was alone, and God took everything from him, but instead he still glorified God and was blessed tremendously. Joseph was alone after his brothers betrayed him and threw him in the pit. Joseph went on and was blessed, becoming ruler of the city and his brothers needing him. David, Leah and Tamar were all people that went through being alone, but instead didn’t succumb to their environment. When you feel lonely you should rejoice in it for greatness is to come. For when you are weak he is there for you to be your strength.

As we approach the New Year take the time to reflect on what you haven’t accomplished and begin the process of focusing on the vison, the goals: and take action! Sometimes in order to make this become your reality, you must first get rid of all the distractions and be still.

Remember this, everything starts in our minds regarding our self- esteem, confidence, self-respect, behaviors, etc. The bible says what a man thinks; so is he, so if you think you’re defeated that is what you’ll become. Instead of dwelling in your sorrow ask God what will you have me to learn from this experience? This will be the beginning to transforming your mind to every situation.

God bless. Keep your mind renewed with the word of God. Pray as often and fervently and avoid striving in flesh, but trust in God to bring his good purposes to pass in your life.

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