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I’m Every Woman

By January 29, 2017Events


We invite you to declare with us I’m Every Woman;
I Choose to define Who I am and What I Represent and its not defined by my hurts, habits or hangups!
Here are the 3 Essentials on why to Attend this conference;
1. Invest In You

There is no other investment better than YOU. When you invest in yourself you are confessing you are worth it. You confess I’m willing to learn, willing to mature and willing to grow. For too long we make the excuse or justification of why we cant but Today we want to compel you to do something different.

2. The Takeaway
You will leave with motivation, inspiration, resources, connections with like minded individuals, confidence and a clear mind. I know some of you may be saying, “well I’ve¬† attended conferences before and have not taken away anything mention; What we say to this statement is you must come with an open mind, prepared to receive and then apply whats been spoken and imparted into your lives.
3. Break out of your Comfort Zone
After you’ve encountered an experience of attending this conference, the ultimate goal is to spring into action. Begin the journey of creating your success and legacy.No longer do you exist through life but challenge yourself to break the cycle of complacency with writing the vision.
To receive the discounted rate of $106 per night use promo code #ImEveryWoman.
Call now and reserve at 302-428-1000
This offer ends on April 28, 2017.
Please share with your community, friends and followers  who you think will benefit from this conference!!

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