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Habits Made to be Broken

By January 1, 2017Inspiration

Habits in our lives can be positive or negative patterns but are made to be broken or built upon.

What are Positive habits: Motivation toward you feeling better about yourself, being a success, working consistently in the goals you set in life.

Others can be you eating healthy, exercising daily, being organized, communicating with God daily and thinking positively (renewing your mind).

What are Negative habits: Something that cause pain, frustration, anger and ruin our relationships. Some bad habits are always blaming others for your problems, not submissive to authority, blasphemy and smoking.

Whether good or bad, habits become a part of who we are in life. We don’t realize the negative patterns until it becomes a problem for us. Like smoking perhaps, you never thought of quitting till you’ve started receiving complications with your health.

We must first come to realize and acknowledge our bad habits and ask ourselves “Do I want to Change”? In everything we do and say, this process starts in our mind first.

Once we have come to terms with what we must work on, you have to understand this is a process and must be handled one habit at a time. This will take discipline, motivation and support to overcome the bad pattern with the good patterns.

The bible declares we are more than conquerors, so these bad traits are just stepping stones to who we shall be in God. If we never go through nothing in life how can we testify about how to make it in life? To accomplish something if we never experienced what’s it like to be in lack, struggle with addiction or whatever habit you may have.

Starting now we break the habit of fear and declare freedom in our lives because habits are meant to be broken.

Stay clean before the lord, keep your mind renewed by the word. Apply Godly wisdom to your circumstances, pray as often and fervently and avoid striving in flesh, but trust in God to bring his good purposes to pass in your life.

From Lady Anika
Be empowered women to unveil the mask of all insecurities, barriers and hindrances that will block you from true happiness and mindfulness internally opposed to the external attributes.

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